Before an emergency

This is arguably the most important time because you can assess the risks and threats that you face, make plans, train and test your staff and procedures and get ready for a crisis or emergency situation.

During an emergency

The emergency or crisis has happened! Now is the time to activate your plans and deal with the situation that has unfolded. It will be a difficult time for all, but you should cope if you have prepared properly.

After an emergency

You may think it is all over, but the aftermath and recovery stages may take months or years. Restoring your organisation or community needs careful planning well before the crisis or emergency strikes you. Are you ready to handle the psychological impact on all around you? Are you prepared? And what about the inquiries and investigations that will follow?





We can help you prepare for emergencies in an uncertain world.

Tony Thompson, Director

Welcome to OTHO!

Welcome to OTHO Limited! We can help you prepare for, respond to, or recover from crises, disasters or major emergencies, whatever the scale and wherever you may be in the world.

Our professional consultancy and training services are aimed at helping government departments, corporations and businesses get better prepared for those emergency situations that so often damage reputations, brands and individuals - and if disaster strikes we can support you.

Our consultants are practitioners with many years service in a range of disciplines – including law enforcement, armed forces, emergency medical services, government bodies and the humanitarian sector – allowing us to create a unique blend of integrated services. We can give you expert advice, coaching support and training to help make you – and your organization – far more resilient, and able to handle a wide range of emergencies at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

At OTHO, our consultants’ experience has been gained at many real emergencies around the globe – from natural disasters to major terrorist attacks. We recognize the importance of effective planning and preparation, training and exercising and importantly, combining these five inter-related disciples into an integrated capability:

  • Risk management
  • Security governance
  • Health and safety
  • Emergency management
  • Business continuity